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Genentech’s Next Move
Genentech stunned the cancer world last week with news that its Avastin colon cancer drug extended patients’ lives by five months, proving wrong skeptics who said the blood vessel-blocking drug would never work. Now the biotech pioneer is embarking on a bold strategy to dominate the cancer drug market for decades to come by combining drugs even before they are approved.

Biotech sector keeps surging / Cancer drug news and FDA approvals create optimism
Industry observers say the sector’s sea change from pessimism to optimism comes from two sources: Good news about experimental cancer drugs from a major scientific meeting this month; and a set of recent approvals by the Food and Drug Administration, whose new leadership is seen as more company-friendly.

Early stage biotechnology collaborations
The range of deals an early stage biotechnology company may enter into is wide (see box ‘What is an early stage biotechnology collaboration?’). This chapter examines, by reference to a few of the types of agreements that an early stage company may enter into, some of the key intellectual property (IP) and other legal issues that arise when undertaking such deals