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Biotech Investors: When Will They Ever Learn?
Investors should get a grip on reality. Many small companies that were lifted on the latest news are strapped for cash and pursuing risky science that will take years to bear fruit. Even for big players, good trial data on a drug don’t guarantee Food & Drug Administration approval. And once drugs do get approved, most of them face competition in the market.

Drug ads deliver a few side effects Drug companies tripled their advertising budgets in recent years to acquaint American consumers with things like acid reflux disease, depression, erectile dysfunction, and even toenail fungus, a marketing blitz that accounted for roughly 12 percent of the growth in national prescription drug spending in 2000, according to a Harvard University-MIT study released yesterday.

Genentech’s Next Move
Genentech stunned the cancer world last week with news that its Avastin colon cancer drug extended patients’ lives by five months, proving wrong skeptics who said the blood vessel-blocking drug would never work. Now the biotech pioneer is embarking on a bold strategy to dominate the cancer drug market for decades to come by combining drugs even before they are approved.