Biotechs big winners in VC rebound

Biotechs big winners in VC rebound Biotechnology companies are leading a rebound in venture capital investment in the New York metro area, a new survey shows. Investors put $380 million into 56 companies in the second quarter of this year, for a 63% jump in venture capital investment over the first quarter, according to the […]

Antibiotics, The Next Generation

Antibiotics, The Next Generation Few things are as inexorable as the march of bacterial resistance. When a person or animal is given an antibiotic, it kills enough pathogens to cure the illness. But bacteria that have mutated so they can resist the drug survive. The next time these bacteria cause an infection, the antibiotic is […]

The War against 'Viagra'

The War against ‘Viagra’ The US Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to fight counterfeit drugs. The FDA will introduce technology that could show at a glance if drugs are real, such as watermarks or electronic tags. It will also tighten requirements for drug wholesalers so it’s tougher to sneak counterfeits into legitimate supplies.