Early stage biotechnology collaborations

Early stage biotechnology collaborations The range of deals an early stage biotechnology company may enter into is wide (see box ‘What is an early stage biotechnology collaboration?’). This chapter examines, by reference to a few of the types of agreements that an early stage company may enter into, some of the key intellectual property (IP) […]

China's Killer Headache: Fake Pharmaceuticals

China’s Killer Headache: Fake Pharmaceuticals An estimated 192,000 people died last year in China because of fake drugs, according to the Shenzhen Evening News, a government-controlled newspaper. Some die from toxins in counterfeit medicines, and others from infection because they are swallowing bogus pills instead of antibiotics

Modified pigs are transplant 'breakthrough'

Modified pigs are transplant ‘breakthrough’ A new breed of genetically engineered pigs with organs far less likely to be rejected by people has been created in the US. The surfaces of the cloned pigs’ cells lack a key sugar, which triggers the violent hyperacute rejection response. This normally reduces transplanted organs to pulp within hours.