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FDA Orange Book Archives From 1980 to Present

Download FDA Orange Book Archives in PDF Format

DrugPatentWatch offers PDF copies of the FDA Orange Book dating back to 1980. The Food and Administration (FDA) Orange Book, or Approved Drug Products With Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations, is an authoritative list of patents covering branded drugs, and of generic equivalents. The Orange Book identifies drug products approved on the basis of safety and effectiveness by the FDA […]

Book signing sold out at #BIO2016

My book signing sold out, but do not despair — you can still get a signed copy. Signed copies of Building Biotechnology can be purchased at , and you can also get regular copies at Amazon. This acclaimed book describes the convergence of scientific, political, regulatory, and commercial factors that drive the biotechnology industry and define […]

Scientific American Worldview Issue 6 at #BIO2014

I continue to measure global biotechnology innovation in the sixth edition of Scientific American Worldview. This special publication is the foundation I use for my talks on global biotechnology (see my recent talk on Building Biotechnology in India). I will be serving on a panel on June 26th at 12:45-1:45 in Room 3, and David Brancaccio, host of […]

The nature of Asian biopharmaceutical innovation

My paper on global biopharmaceutical productivity has been published in the latest issue of Nature Biotechnology. This paper is a refinement of my work ranking international biotechnology for Scientific American Worldview, and draws on the DrugPatentWatch database. In this paper I investigate the locations of drug inventors, as measured by patents covering marketed drugs. The […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Free Archives

The back-issues of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology more than five years old are now free. For complete access, see the  archives at The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, in print since 1994, is the definitive international quarterly publication for bioscience business professionals. The Journal is designed specifically for those professionals who need to enhance their […]

Tracking global biotechnology innovation for a sixth year

Six years ago I built a global biotechnology innovation index, and I have been using it since tracking global biotechnology innovation in Scientific American’s Worldview. It has been a very rewarding project, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to present my research data at international conferences, business schools, and even National Defense University. Some of […]

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Infographics

These infographics from and track innovation and patent activity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries: Pharmaceutical Innovation Infographics Which Drugs Face Patent Expirations this Month? What are the Top-selling Drugs? How Many Drug Patents Will Expire in the Coming Months? How Many Drug Patents Will Expire in the Coming Years? Which Drugs Have the […]

DNA-o-gram generator — Send a message in the language of life

I programmed the DNA-o-gram generator over a decade ago as an excuse to learn web programming. In the intervening years it has been suggested as an encryption method, used as a teaching aid, and even cited in a law review. The basis for the DNA-o-gram generator is quite simple. The genetic code found in all […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology archives now free

The back-issues of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, from volume 9 in 2001 through volume 13 in 2007, are now free. For complete access, see the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology archives at

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