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Are Headlines of Medical Breakthroughs Overstating Actual Science and Research?

By Joshua Mansour, M.D. Patients should have as much access to information as possible.  The more they know, the more informed decision about their health and life that can be made.  However, faulty headlines about new therapies are infiltrating news outlets left and right recently.  Many times, this information can be misleading, and it is […]

New FDA Commissioner: What this means for Cancer Testing and Treatment

By Joshua Mansour, M.D. The head of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Norman “Ned” Sharpless, will be temporarily appointed as acting commissioner of the Food and Drug administration amid the news of Dr. Scott Gottlieb stepping down for personal reasons.  Dr. Sharpless oversees billions in grants for research and federal funding at his current position.  Time will tell if […]