3D Cell Cultures

This is a guest post from the BiotechBlog Intern,  Fintan Burke. Fintan is a student at the School of Biotechnology at Dublin City University. Do you have a response to Fintan’s post? Respond in the comments section below. As researchers continue to investigate the complex nature of cell tissues and their behaviour, it is becoming […]

2012 Biotech Humanitarian Award Nominations Open

I am once again honored to be judging the Biotech Humanitarian Award. The Biotech Humanitarian Award is given to an individual who has harnessed the potential of biotechnology to heal, fuel or feed the planet. Last year’s Honoree was Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine advocate who serves as the Chief of the Division of Infectious […]

Drug Patent Expirations in April 2012

Drug Patent Expirations in April 2012 *Drugs may be covered by multiple patents Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration BROVANA Sunovion arformoterol tartrate 6,068,833 Apr 3, 2012 BROVANA Sunovion arformoterol tartrate 6,866,839 Apr 3, 2012 BROVANA Sunovion arformoterol tartrate 6,589,508 Apr 3, 2012 BROVANA Sunovion arformoterol tartrate 5,795,564 Apr 3, 2012 ALTACE King […]

New paradigms in drug R&D: A personal perspective

The Author discusses the recent productivity problems in the pharmaceutical industry, in the context of his 30 year career, and the current responses of the industry driven strongly by disaggregation of the historic R&D model, new fluidites of capi…

The Pitch to Investors and Partners

This article covers the essentials of constructing and delivering a “pitch” of a business opportunity to potential investors or corporate partners.  We advocate constructing an effective pitch first and then using that as a guide to prepare your b…

What Every Biotech Entrepreneur Needs to Know about VC Due Diligence

Due diligence, as it applies to venture capital, is actually imprecise. Origins of the term are based in banking case law. Due diligence to the attorney is more of a precise concept. A better term is “homework.” Better indeed, because the burden of…

Building Teams in Entrepreneurial Companies

This article focuses on the essentials of building effective, collaborative, team-based organizations. The entrepreneurs and innovators who found and build technology-based organizations comprise out target audience, but most specifically we address th…

Partnering With the NIH: Now Part of the “Value Proposition” for Start-ups

For many years the United States has led the world in government support for non-military research and development (R&D), especially support for work that directly relates to health and human development.  A focal point for such federal investment…

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