Now free: Conference on Breathing Additional Life into the Life Sciences

Thanks to a new sponsor, Breathing Additional Life into the Life Sciences is now free. The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, published by thinkBiotech along with BiotechBlog, is proud to serve as a media sponsor for this upcoming conference on biotechnology development. Reaching the Next Milestone Conference on Breathing Additional Life into the Life Sciences Date: […]

Book Review: From Idea to Web Start-up in 21 Days: Creating

What does selling bacon on the Internet have to do with biotechnology business development? Almost nothing! But, that is what makes this book so valuable. From Idea to Web Start-up in 21 Days: Creating describes a shoestring venture to develop a simple web store. The founders decided to sell bacon due to the strong market […]

Pharmaceutical globalization: Where are drugs invented?

I’m back from the Filling the Pipeline conference in Boston, where I presented a talk on pharmaceutical globalization. Maintaining control of pharmaceutical drug innovation is key for national security, public health, and economic development. We know that much of late-stage development has gone overseas, but the question remains: Where are drugs invented? Using the DrugPatentWatch […]

Worldview on Biotechnology

NPR’s Moira Gunn recently interviewed Jeremy Abbate and I on the Scientific American Worldview project. Her interview, broadcast on Tech Nation, is now available at IT Conversations. For more details, you can also see our video interview and the  Worldview website.

Book Review: How to Castrate a Bull: Unexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth, and Success in Business

I often like to read books from technology-based companies outside of the biotechnology space because they can yield insights relevant to biotechnology business development. This book’s attention-grabbing title comes from the author’s experience working as a ranch hand prior to co-founding a computer hardware company. How to Castrate a Bull describes the growth of NetApp, […]

Drug Patent Expirations in October 2011

Drug Patent Expirations in October 2011 *Drugs may be covered by multiple patents Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration ZOLINZA Merck vorinostat 6,087,367 Oct 4, 2011 ZORBTIVE Emd Serono somatropin recombinant 5,288,703 Oct 7, 2011 NUTRESTORE Emmaus Medcl glutamine 5,288,703 Oct 7, 2011 ATACAND Astrazeneca candesartan cilexetil 7,538,133*PED Oct 18, 2011 ATACAND HCT […]

Next @DCbiotech meeting: October 13th in downtown DC

The next DCbiotech meeting will be at the Rennaissance DC Downtown Hotel at 999 Ninth St NW on October 13th 2011. We’ll be meeting in the bar area from 6:30-8:30pm. To facilitate finding the group, you may want to check out my photo on the about page.

Trends in the Asia Pacific Clinical and Contract Research Ecosystem

 This is a Guest Post by Prabhu Ram, General Manager- Healthcare Research & Advisory   The BioPharma industry faces some daunting challenges today. Faced by the surge in drugs going off-patent and with drying-up of their product pipelines, major pharmaceutical companies are facing an urgent challenge to reinvent their drug discovery and development models. An […]

Book Review: Founders at Work

Founders at Work provides a rare glimpse into the early thinking that spawned many of today’s most prominent start-ups. Going beyond the glam articles found in many other sources, Founders profiles founders who have achieved sufficient success that little time needs to be spend justifying their inclusion. Rather, the focus is on how they conceived […]

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