Drug reimportation: Where are the dead Canadians?

A common retort in the debate over drug reimportation is “Where are the dead Canadians?” If the FDA deems that import of drugs from Canada is potentially dangerous, why aren’t Canadians dying from drugs they buy in Canada? Well, there’s an answer to that: Most Canadians buy their drugs from drugstores, not over the Internet. […]

Starting a biotechnology company to treat a child

CnnMoney has a cool story on a mother who was motivated to start a biotech company to develop a better treatment for her daughter’s disease. A former lawyer and founder of satellite-communications companies including Sirius Satellite Radio, Martine Rothblatt was able to develop proficiency in biotechnology and her company, United Therapeutics, grossed $159 million in […]

More details on Google Health

Google’s posted more details on Google Health, including the announcement of their advisory board. Note that the comments to Google’s announcement decry a lack of librarians or diabetes experts.

Drug Patent Expirations in July 2007

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com: Drug Patent Expirations in July 2007*Drugs may be covered by more than one patent Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration CETROTIDE Serono Inc cetrorelix 4,800,191 JUL 17,2007 DEMADEX Roche torsemide 4,861,786 JUL 08,2007 EXCEDRIN (MIGRAINE) Novartis acetaminophen; aspirin; caffeine 4,943,565 JUL 24,2007 TEGRETOL-XR Novartis carbamazepine RE34990 JUL 29,2007 TYLENOL (CAPLET) […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to the June 25th 2007 edition of Carnival of Biotechnology. Finance and business development BusinessFund.com has a great post on 25 alternatives to venture capital — too many entrepreneurs assume that venture capital is the de facto way to fund a company, when there are many other avenues they should be exploring. Industry Trends […]

Google’s healthcare ambitions — the ultimate second opinion

I’ve been trying to elucidate Google’s rumored healthcare plans for quite some time now. Google’s plans are outlined in these two posts on Google’s blog: How do you know you’re getting the best care possible? and Is there a doctor in the family?. The post titles lay it out pretty well. Google wants to be […]

Shuffling off to Buffalo

I’ll be in Buffalo from July 1st – 4th for Buffalo Old Home Week, presenting on a panel on economic development and using some interesting case studies: bioproducts/biofuel in east Montana, simulation technologies in Alabama, and the case for a Buffalo-Rochester-Toronto collaboration in bioinformatics, medical imaging, and diagnostics. Wanna meet up for coffee? Drop me […]

Patenting synthetic life

Craig Venter, leader of the private effort to sequence the human genome, has filed for a patent on a synthetic bacterium. By knocking out each of Mycobacterium’s 470 genes, Venter and his team have elucidated a minimal set of genes that could, in theory, be synthesized on a stretch of DNA and inserted into a […]

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