Report raps drug firms’ ‘post-approval’ studies

Report raps drug firms’ ‘post-approval’ studies Drug manufacturers spent $1.5 billion in 2000 to test medicines already approved by the Food and Drug Administration primarily so they could make new marketing claims to sell their products, industry specialists said this week. Critics say the trend inflates health care costs while undercutting the integrity of research.

Networked Pharma

Networked Pharma The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a deepening productivity crisis. The industry’s preferred escape mechanism from this predicament has been to increase investment in current business activities – primarily R&D and sales – to sustain productivity levels or, ideally, to exploit economies of scale. This has been implemented through organic growth of critical resources […]

DeCode's Genetic Breakthrough Barely Registers

DeCode’s Genetic Breakthrough Barely Registers DeCode Genetics published an important genetic map–assembled by methods very different from those used to create the sequence of the human genome–that will make it much easier for scientists to hunt down new genes linked to disease. But DeCode’s stock continues to languish.

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