Roche and Genentech’s mating dance — This isn’t the first time

Roche has floated an offer to acquire Genentech, a move which has raised a flurry of questions about the sustainability of the big Pharma business model, Genentech’s future independence, and the value of Genentech. It it worth noting, however, that Roche already bought (and sold) Genentech. Using an excerpt from Building Biotechnology to illustrate, Roche […]

Background: The Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium (CTSA program)

Guest content from Christopher Starr: After years of confusion and neglect, translational research is now becoming institutionalized. Citing the barriers between the lab and clinic, along with the difficulties and complexities of conducting clinical research, the NIH set up a major program to advance clinical and translational research. The Clinical and Translational Science Awards consortium, […]

Why the market does not like Flurizan

Guest content from Nicolaj H. Nielsen, managing director of Biostrat. A case-study on the recent licensing-deal between Myriad and Lundbeck: Information asymmetry, calculated bets and royalties in the biotech industry. The share-price of Lundbeck has fallen with approximately 10 %, since the Danish pharmaceutical company announced an inlicensing deal with the US biotech company Myriad […]

Advertise on Biotechblog

Reach a targeted audience with BiotechBlog. Advertising opportunities are available on BiotechBlog. BiotechBlog is syndicated by BlogBurst, which means that posts are syndicated to outlets such as Reuters, Biospace, San Francisco Gate, and dozens of other media outlets, ensuring a large audience for your message. Flexible ad spots are available to suit your needs, from […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology — July 2008

The March 2008 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. This issue focuses on biotechnology marketing and was guest-edited by Leyland Pitt and Ian McCarthy. The links below will take you to the abstract of each article: Volume 14, Issue 3 Editorial Connecting product innovation management and marketing PDF Leyland Pitt, Ian […]

Looking for writers for book projects

Looking for writers for two book projects: 1) Convert a 102 page screenplay into a book. The topic is the development of a biotechnology company. Looking for a creative non-fiction writer who can write a compelling story. The CEO is available for input and is actively interested in developing the book, but has very limited […]

Drug Patent Expirations in July 2008

Courtesy of Drug Patent Expirations in July 2008 *Drugs may be covered by multiple patents Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration CARDIOLITE Bristol Myers Squibb technetium tc-99m sestamibi kit 4,988,827 Jul 29, 2008 DEPAKOTE Abbott divalproex sodium 4,988,731 Jul 29, 2008 DEPAKOTE Abbott divalproex sodium 5,212,326 Jul 29, 2008 DEPAKOTE CP Abbott […]

Dyadic founder regains control

After an extended struggle Mark Emalfarb, the founder of Dyadic has regained control of the firm. He was originally ousted by the board after an accounting scandal at a foreign subsidiary. By forming a coalition with other shareholders, representing a majority of the company’s shares, Emalfarb was able to dismiss the board members who had […]

Six Pitfalls to Avoid in Supplier Management

Guest content from John Avellanet, managing director and principal of Cerulean Associates: Managing suppliers is fraught with challenges. Rare is the executive who has not made a mistake. In this article, I look at some of the most common mistakes—most of which I’ve made myself—and how to avoid them.

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