Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs

Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs “Psychedelic drugs are inching their way slowly but surely toward prescription status in the United States, thanks to a group of persistent scientists who believe drugs like ecstasy and psilocybin can help people with terminal cancer, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, to name just a few. “

Genetically altered grass spreads like wildfire

Genetically altered grass spreads like wildfire “A new study shows that genes from genetically engineered grass can spread much farther than previously known, a finding that raises questions about the straying of other plants altered through biotechnology. That could hurt the efforts of two companies to win approval for the first bioengineered grass”

The Trials of ImClone

The Trials of ImClone “A founder in handcuffs, financials in disarray, and a vital product in doubt-for CEO Daniel Lynch, it was the turnaround from hell.”

The Time Is Right for These Seven Biotechs

The Time Is Right for These Seven Biotechs “In most years, biotechs decline in the spring as investors anticipate a summer hiatus in the conferences where new clinical results are announced. They rally in the fall as the conference schedule and the volume of news increases … Buy when the playing field is biased in […]

Biotech Knockoffs Lure Novartis

Biotech Knockoffs Lure Novartis “A big pharma player is expanding its generics business. Expect others to follow The divide between those making brand-name drugs and those producing generics is about to become a bit less clear. “

Biotech returning to favor

Biotech returning to favor “After a nearly four-year slowdown, money is beginning to flow again into the biotechnology sector. But it’s more a trickle than a torrent. “

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