The Murky History of Merck’s Vioxx

The Murky History of Merck’s Vioxx Merck’s decision to withdraw its popular arthritis drug Vioxx from the market in late September has raised questions about the process leading up to its regulatory approval in 1999 as well as the importance of subsequent medical studies. Here are some key dates in the Vioxx saga:

Contingency Plans Help Current Merck Crisis

Contingency Plans Help Current Merck Crisis : In the wake of Merck & Co.’s announcement to pull Vioxx off the market, the pharmaceutical giant pressed forward with plans to launch new products … The fact that companies such as Merck & Co. can quickly bounce back from troublesome corporate crises is a testament to their […]

Reviewing Drug Safety

Reviewing Drug Safety “The Food & Drug Administration has announced a major review of its system for monitoring the safety of drugs already on the market. FDA will sponsor an Institute of Medicine study of the agency’s safety monitoring procedures, and it will set up a formal program to make sure that the views of […]

The Stem Cell Gold Rush

The Stem Cell Gold Rush: Scientists around the country who study embryonic stem cells may be mourning four more years of President Bush’s restrictive funding policy, but California scientists are throwing a party, and top researchers in less-funded states are hoping for invitations.

Biotech execs have a sense of humor about elusive profits

Biotech execs have a sense of humor about elusive profits When Ernst & Young’s annual report on the biotechnology industry last year predicted that as a whole, the industry would turn profitable for the first time in 2008, some long-term industry veterans gave a knowing heard-that-one-before chuckle.

Foresight or folly? Generics firms' foray into NCEs

Foresight or folly? Generics firms’ foray into NCEs A number of generics firms have, over the last few years, veered off the path and started to develop innovative drugs in their own right. In a time when generics firms are showing the greatest growth in the pharmaceutical sector, what has driven them to venture into […]

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