Carnival of Biotechnology

Intellectual Property and Lawsuits Culture Dish has a post on a DNA sequencing technique patent dispute — Enzo biochem claims that they invented the technique for sequencing DNA, though the patent on it was awarded to some scientists at Caltech nearly 25 years ago. Pharmablogger presents an inside view of a series of 7,000 complaints […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

This edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology features some interesting commentary on issues ethics, how to dress for drug ads, progress in biogenerics guidance, and innovation. Trends Signals Magazine presents a Financial Snapshot For September 2006 Marketing The Pharma Marketing Blog gives us some fashion advice in Lipitor’s Jarvik: Fop or Flop? Ethics The Patent […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

This edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology features commentary on regulatory problems and progress, international development, and failed commercialization strategies. Regulatory The Washington Post has a report from the Institute of Medicine claiming that the drug review system is broken, and calling for changes. The Patent Barista’s update the road to biogenerics, profiling recent bills […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology. Some pretty good stuff this week. More Vioxx news, the human genome stops by for an update, and no love for the FDA. Finance SignalsMag provides an update on March financials: Modest Gains, Solid Quarter. Regulation The Drug Wonks take a Dumb and Dumber approach […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

This week’s edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology addresses a number of issues challenging the biotechnology industry today. Innovation About biotech proclaims Innovation is dead, long live innovation! in the wake of Proctor & Gamble’s spin of the dissolution of it’s pharma R&D efforts as a bold new innovation strategy. A Vc asks changing our […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to this edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology. The next edition will be hosted at Patent Baristas. If you’re interested in hosting the Carnival, drop an email to [email protected] General Business While not technically a blog post, this article from CNN highlights an oft-ignored element of biotechnology, supplying laboratories. Raising lab animals is big […]

The Inaugural Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to the inaugural Carnival of Biotechnology. This roundup of the best blogs on biotechnology brings together the best posts covering the industry. This week’s carnival is hosted here at The next post will be at Biotechnology. For more information about the Carnival of Biotechnology, see the Carnival’s homepage. Without further ado, here’s […]

Announcing the Carnival of Biotechnology

The Carnival of Biotechnology is a regular roundup of the best blog posts on biotechnology. The carnival is guest-hosted by different sites, ensuring diversity in content and viewpoints. Check out the info page and submit your article or sign up to host the carnival.

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