Yearly Archives: 2003

A survey of strategic licensing practices in the pharmaceutical industry
Alliances often appear to be a relatively cost-effective and rapid answer to fill dwindling pharmaceutical company pipelines; however, studies suggest that over half of all alliances fail to achieve their intended outcomes. This survey has, therefore, been carried out to understand the key strategic and operational challenges associated with the in- and out-licensing process and to provide some insight into improving the situation.

The Generic Retribution
The generic industry has always been overshadowed by branded pharmaceuticals. The government policies and the mandate have also always favored branded pharmaceuticals. However, as the lawmakers come face to face with the rising drug costs and unmanageable healthcare expenditure, and in wake of growing public outcry, the government�s stance seems to softening. The generic industry�s appeals, which have been falling to deaf ears for so long, are finally being heard.