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Six Pitfalls to Avoid in Supplier Management

Guest content from John Avellanet, managing director and principal of Cerulean Associates: Managing suppliers is fraught with challenges. Rare is the executive who has not made a mistake. In this article, I look at some of the most common mistakes—most of which I’ve made myself—and how to avoid them.

Drug Patent Expirations in June 2008

Courtesy of Drug Patent Expirations in June 2008 *Drugs may be covered by multiple patents Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration ADALAT CC Bayer Pharms nifedipine 4,892,741 Jun 8, 2008 CAVERJECT IMPULSE Pharmacia And Upjohn alprostadil 4,968,299 Jun 28, 2008 EFFEXOR Wyeth Pharms Inc venlafaxine hydrochloride 4,535,186 Jun 13, 2008 EFFEXOR XR […]

Seeing the Field

Guest content from Sandy Graham, managing partner at Sequoyah Associates: Can you “see the field” of opportunity? Have your clearly defined your plan to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams? Have you mapped out the strategic direction to attain your plan? Have you envisioned your market and know how to position your business to acquire it? Do […]

Promote your expertise

Did you know that BiotechBlog posts are syndicated to outlets such as Reuters, Biospace, San Francisco Gate, Chicago Sun-Times, and dozens of other media outlets? BiotechBlog provides a forum to promote your expertise through the publication of actionable industry guidance. See guest content and the submission guidelines for more information

Call for papers: Biotechnology Investing

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is looking for papers on investing strategies in the biotechnology space. The scope can include valuation models, strategies to identify under-valued companies, case studies in developing and managing a portfolio, etc. The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is a peer-reviewed journal focused on the business of biotechnology. More information, instructions for […]

BIO2008 book signing

For those attending BIO2008 in San Diego this year, I’ll be doing a signing of my books on Wednesday June 18th from 10-11. There will also be a limited number of free copies of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, so be sure and show up early! I’ll also be speaking on Friday morning: Title: Scientific […]

Seeking reviewers and contributors for next edition of Building Biotechnology

I’ve nearly completed revisions for the third edition of Building Biotechnology, the leading textbook on the business of biotechnology. This new edition has several new chapters, new case studies, updated case law, and fresh industry stats — more than 100 pages longer than the second edition. I’m looking for volunteers to review the chapters and […]

Dyadic founder fights to regain control of company

The science of biotechnology is tough. R&D can be unpredictable, and most products need regulatory approval before they can be sold. But biotechnology companies also need to worry about other problems, like management issues. The case of Dyadic’s illustrates some of the often-overlooked challenges in commercializing biotechnology. Mark Emalfarb founded Dyadic in 1979 as a […]

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