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In these videos Pfizer’s Vice President and Global Head of Molecular Medicine, Aidan Power, talk about a future where everyone’s genome is sequenced and drug prescriptions are based on your genetic makeup, and argues that personalized medicine will be the defining paradigm for discovering and developing drugs of the future.

To put these videos into context, consider the recent report which found  that a majority of patients receiving Herceptin had not been tested for HER-2 overexpression — Herceptin is a targeted drug intended primarily for patients overexpressing HER-2. The apparently common prescription of Herceptin independent of it’s diagnostic test suggests that the practice of medicine needs to adapt to keep pace with scientific advance.

Vice President and Global Head of Molecular Medicine

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Drug Patent Expirations in September 2009

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration
FARESTON Gtx Inc toremifene citrate 4,696,949 Sep 29, 2009
FELBATOL Meda Pharms felbamate 4,978,680 Sep 26, 2009
FELBATOL Meda Pharms felbamate 5,082,861 Sep 26, 2009
GLUCOTROL XL Pfizer glipizide 5,024,843 Sep 5, 2009
GLUCOTROL XL Pfizer glipizide 5,091,190 Sep 5, 2009
IMPLANON Organon Usa Inc etonogestrel 5,150,718 Sep 29, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,866,159 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,916,589 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,962,014 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,962,017 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 6,007,840 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 6,024,978 Sep 13, 2009
PRIMAXIN Merck cilastatin sodium; imipenem 5,147,868 Sep 15, 2009
STARLIX Novartis nateglinide RE34878 Sep 8, 2009
TOBRADEX Alcon dexamethasone; tobramycin 5,149,694 Sep 22, 2009
TOBRADEX ST Alcon dexamethasone; tobramycin 5,149,694 Sep 22, 2009
TOBRASONE Alcon fluorometholone acetate; tobramycin 5,149,693 Sep 22, 2009
XALATAN Pharmacia And Upjohn latanoprost 6,429,226 Sep 6, 2009

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Biotechnology Industry Organization CEO Jim Greenwood appeared on CNBC’s SquawkBox defending the case for data exclusivity protection for novel biologic drugs. The video appears below. Interestingly, he used the Aspirin vs. Epogen comparison from my book, Building Biotechnology, when he was explaining the difference between small molecule and biologic drugs to members of congress.

My most recent editorial in the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, “The impact of the global financial crisis on biotechnology development,” examines the response of governments around the world to their investments in biotechnology and healthcare innovation. It is a theme that I also raised in the Scientific American WorldVIEW. The bottom line is: despite economic hardships, given the direct health and indirect economic benefits of biotechnology research, will governments sustain, increase, or decrease their R&D budgets?

The impact of the global financial crisis on biotechnology development

Guest content from Naturally Obsessed

Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist

A documentary about careers in science

Naturally Obsessed
Naturally Obsessed

“So what is it that you actually do, Dr. Rifkind?” (groan, groan) It didn’t matter if the question was from my accountant, my dinner party companion or my cousin Minnie, I was never able to give an answer that satisfied either the questioner or me. That’s why, when I retired from the laboratory bench five years ago, I decided to tackle the challenge of making biomedical research more transparent.

The July 2009 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 15, Issue 3


The impact of the global financial crisis on biotechnology development PDF
Yali Friedman


Can genetic engineering prevent food-poisoning? PDF
Henry Miller


Bottom line compliance for biotechnology: Six secrets PDF
John Avellanet
Maturation of the biotechnology industry changes job opportunities for scientists PDF
Helen Liu, Molly B Schmid
Biotechnology business models: An Indian perspective PDF
Viren Konde
Tracking progress: Two approaches to biotechnology development – Cases from Central Europe PDF
Tomasz Mroczkowski, Heather Elms
Umbilical cord blood banks: Modern day alchemy PDF
Helen Smith
China 10-Point Patent Checklist: Integrating patents into an overall business strategy for a Western manufacturing entity in China PDF
Catherine Sun, Sharon R Barner, Harold C Wegner

From the Classroom

Bioscience enterprise: Postgraduate education at Cambridge and Auckland PDF
Linda Allan, Joerg Kistler, Chris Lowe, Wendell Dunn, Claire McGowan, Geoff Whitcher

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Legal and regulatory update PDF
John Wilkinson

Book Reviews

Book Review: Spin-outs: Creating businesses from university intellectual property PDF
Arlen D Meyers
Book Review: Venture capital and the European biotechnology industry PDF
Leonard Lerer