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2012 International Bioenergy Summit: Algal Biofuel & Synthetic Biology

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology has joined the advisory board of the 2012 International Bioenergy Summit. This event, which is sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, is schedule for November 5-6th , 2012 in New Delhi. The focus of the conference is on Algal biofuel and Synthetic biology for advanced bioenergy. The […]

The FDA’s modernisation of its bioprocess regulation

This is a guest post from the BiotechBlog Intern,  Fintan Burke. Fintan is a student at the School of Biotechnology at Dublin City University. Do you have a response to Fintan’s post? Respond in the comments section below. It has now been more than a year since the FDA published a welcomed revision of the 1987 […]

What part of PPACA / Obamacare will have the largest impact on innovation?

Which part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act / Healthcare Reform / Obamacare will have the largest impact on innovation? According the Innova Health System CEO J. Knox Singleton, PPACA’s implementation of  Diagnosis Related Group-based reimbursement (rather than cost-plus reimbursement) will shift incentives from one in which healthcare deliverers are incentivized to provide additional, potentially unnecessary […]

The Business of Healthcare Delivery: Demonstrate Value and Favorable Economics

Today at the Mid Atlantic BIO, a panel of the Business of Health Delivery discussed changes to the business of health delivery. Moderator Bruce C. Robertson stated that 10 years ago it was rare to speak to a healthcare payer when making an investment decision; today it is commonplace. The purpose of this panel was to […]

Call for biotechnology management book proposals

BiotechBlog partner Logos Press, a specialty publisher focused on biotechnology management, is seeking proposals for additional books on the business of biotechnology. Areas of interest include: Communication / Public relations Tech transfer Project management Licensing Alliance management IP Entrepreneurship Human Resources Marketing Business development Patenting strategy Submission guidelines are at . Do you have an idea that would be […]

How will personalized medicine change business models?

Personalized medicine holds the potential to deliver many benefits for patients and other parties in the healthcare system, but it also has the potential to radically alter business models. I have asked the question “Will personalized medicine be a driver for widespread price controls?” and a new analysis from Booz & Company dives even deeper and A Strategist’s […]

Biotechnology Pitch Competition offers award for best business pitch

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is sponsoring a biotechnology pitch competition at . This contest promises to deliver enhance visibility for nascent biotechnology enterprises, and to provide valuable feedback to emerging entrepreneurs. Each quarter the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology will grant complimentary one year digital subscription to the Biotechnology Pitch Contest winner. For more […]

Essential Biotechnology Business Resources

thinkBiotech, the parent of BiotechBlog presents a list of essential resources for biotechnology business management. You can see more topical books at the BiotechBlog Booklist. Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Special Issue Revolutions: Paving the Way for the Bioeconomy The Life Science Innovation Roadmap: Getting your ideas to market Great Patents: Advanced Strategies […]

Revolutions: Paving the way for the Bioeconomy

Logos Press has just published a new book by Randall Mayes. Revolutions: Paving the Way for the Bioeconomy is an in-depth look at the increasing impact of biology primarily due to the potential of genomics. The book focuses on four revolutions: Industrial Revolutions Genomics researchers hope to launch personalized medicine and cure diseases by identifying drug […]

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