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Genetic testing services in Europe: Quality assurance and policy issues

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Genetic testing services in Europe: Quality assurance and policy issues
Go to paperABSTRACT: The popular press is painting a picture of a future in which…

Latest Licensable Biotechnology Inventions

TechTransferWatch is a search engine and alert service for licenseable technologies from academic labs, foundations, and government. Click the patents below for more details, or visit for more options. Diagnostic assays and methods of use for detection of filarial infection Thomas B. Nutman, Doran Fink, Joseph Kubofcik, Peter D. Burbelo Department of Health and […]

Cannabis-Derived Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, weed or pot, is a natural product derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Recent legislation allowing the use of medical marijuana in over 23 US states has spurred interest in developing pharmaceutical-derived Cannabis products to treat a variety of clinical indications ranging from pain relief to epilepsy.  Many products are in late stage clinical development in the US and elsewhere.  This article reviews the medicinal properties of Cannabis and describes pharmaceutical-derived Cannabis products that are currently being developed for theUS market.


BioTime’s bid to end age-related disease: A look at CEO Michael West’s Vision

The regenerative medicine space is one that is set to explode with considerable innovation and profitability for shrewd biotechnologists. I had the opportunity to speak with Michael West, PhD., CEO of BioTime (BTX) and found a man passionate about rege…

A ‘Genetically Engineered’ Label: Way More Expensive Than You Think

Pseudo-controversy continues to rage over whether foods from plants and animals genetically engineered with the newest molecular techniques should have to be labeled as such. The battles, fought in the media, state legislatures, referendum issues, and in federal courts, have been largely fomented and funded by the organic agriculture and food industries. All but one of the proposals to require labeling in the United States have failed, and that exception is being challenged in a federal court . In spite of these failures and the fact that mandatory labeling fails every test –scientific, economic, legal and common-sense–the true believers soldier on.

Combating a Global Pandemic of Weak, Adulterated, and Fake Drugs

Whether it’s willful counterfeiting, sloppy manufacturing processes, or neglectful handing of drugs in the global supply chain, recent studies suggest the problem of weakened, adulterated, and fake drugs is a growing global issue with deadly consequences. In Africa, the lack of access to innovative drugs makes the population vulnerable to counterfeits and inefficacious copies of medicines that are much needed. This humanitarian crisis rests on policymakers’ steadfastness in each country to ensure the authenticity of the drug supply. Among the steps that should be taken is the restriction of the sale of drugs to pharmacies and hospitals and the prohibition of their sale through street vendors and open markets. There is also an urgent need for post-importation testing to ensure drugs actually contain their active ingredients in adequate strength before they are sold.  These are necessary parts of a needed comprehensive approach to combating the importation of counterfeit, weakened, and adulterated drugs. Countries have it within their power to protect their populations, ensure the integrity of medications, and restore trust in their healthcare systems.