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Brexit and British Biotech

I have a tool that can be used to measure the impact of Brexit on biotechnology in the United Kingdom. I have been measuring global biotechnology for eight years and my objective data-driven metrics provide both a baseline to gauge future directions, and guidance for how to improve the sector’s performance. Eight years ago I […]

Using Biotechnology, CSI, and Zombies to Promote Science Education in one of America’s Most Challenging Regions

The following paper has been added to the free open access archives at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology: Using Biotechnology, CSI, and Zombies to Promote Science Education in one of America’s Most Challenging Regions David Eugene Menshew This paper examines the creation of a forensic biotechnology program that engages students, promotes science learning beyond the […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology New Issue Published

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Labels, Lawyers, & Logic Peter J. Pitts America deserves access to high-quality health care without avoidable medical errors and complications. This achievable goal begins with harnessing and using the power of information. And that begins with clear, accurate, and usable labeling.The American health care system is undermined, underserved, and undervalued when […]

The nature of Asian biopharmaceutical innovation

My paper on global biopharmaceutical productivity has been published in the latest issue of Nature Biotechnology. This paper is a refinement of my work ranking international biotechnology for Scientific American Worldview, and draws on the DrugPatentWatch database. In this paper I investigate the locations of drug inventors, as measured by patents covering marketed drugs. The […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Free Archives

The back-issues of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology more than five years old are now free. For complete access, see the  archives at The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, in print since 1994, is the definitive international quarterly publication for bioscience business professionals. The Journal is designed specifically for those professionals who need to enhance their […]

Tracking global biotechnology innovation for a sixth year

Six years ago I built a global biotechnology innovation index, and I have been using it since tracking global biotechnology innovation in Scientific American’s Worldview. It has been a very rewarding project, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to present my research data at international conferences, business schools, and even National Defense University. Some of […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology July 2013 issue now available

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology announces the publication of the July 2013 issue, featuring new papers on biotechnology management and commercialization. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 19, Issue 3 (2013) Patenting human genes and mutations: A personal perspective Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty Full details at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology The polyvalent scientist: the added value […]

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Infographics

These infographics from and track innovation and patent activity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries: Pharmaceutical Innovation Infographics Which Drugs Face Patent Expirations this Month? What are the Top-selling Drugs? How Many Drug Patents Will Expire in the Coming Months? How Many Drug Patents Will Expire in the Coming Years? Which Drugs Have the […]

New Journal of Commercial Biotechnology issue

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 19, Issue 2 (2013) Capturing Value G. Steven Burrill Today’s pressure on pharmaceutical companies reflects greater pressures throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem as payers, patients, and providers wrestle with escalating costs and drive  healthcare systems around the world away from being cost-based to becoming value-based.  For pharmaceutical companies, this means […]

Drug Patent Inventors in 21 Countries

Who are the world’s leading drug patent inventors? These reports from tap DrugPatentWatch’s exclusive FDA archives to profile the individuals who have invented FDA-approved drugs since 2000. A study showing a surprising result of an analysis of shifts in global pharmaceutical innovation used these data and was recently published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. […]

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