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New Journal of Commercial Biotechnology issue

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 19, Issue 2 (2013) Capturing Value G. Steven Burrill Today’s pressure on pharmaceutical companies reflects greater pressures throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem as payers, patients, and providers wrestle with escalating costs and drive  healthcare systems around the world away from being cost-based to becoming value-based.  For pharmaceutical companies, this means […]

Drug Patent Inventors in 21 Countries

Who are the world’s leading drug patent inventors? These reports from tap DrugPatentWatch’s exclusive FDA archives to profile the individuals who have invented FDA-approved drugs since 2000. A study showing a surprising result of an analysis of shifts in global pharmaceutical innovation used these data and was recently published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology October 2012 Issue Now Available

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 18, Issue 4 (2012) The Birth of a Discipline Arlen Meyers Bioentrepreneurship is a new academic discipline Full details at theJournal of Commercial Biotechnology Not fully harmonized: Differences in biotechnology patenting between Europe and the United States Brian R Dorn, Zoë Birtle There has been a trend of worldwide harmonization […]

Revolutions: Paving the way for the Bioeconomy

Logos Press has just published a new book by Randall Mayes. Revolutions: Paving the Way for the Bioeconomy is an in-depth look at the increasing impact of biology primarily due to the potential of genomics. The book focuses on four revolutions: Industrial Revolutions Genomics researchers hope to launch personalized medicine and cure diseases by identifying drug […]

Apple vs. Microsoft model for diagnostic testing?

Human Genetic Signatures has elected to make their recent Journal of Commercial Biotechnology paper open access through the JCB’s Open Access Option. By electing for open access, the paper is now free to read without subscription. For more on their assessment of the Microsoft vs. Apple ‘black-box’ model for diagnostic testing, see their paper: What […]

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology July 2012 issue now available

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 18, Issue 3 (2012) Could personalized medicine be the driver for widespread price controls? Yali Friedman Everyone should agree that the benefits of personalized medicine — prescription of drugs most likely to benefit and least likely to harm individual or groups of patients — are are positive. However, one must […]

Pharmaceutical globalization: Where are drugs invented?

I’m back from the Filling the Pipeline conference in Boston, where I presented a talk on pharmaceutical globalization. Maintaining control of pharmaceutical drug innovation is key for national security, public health, and economic development. We know that much of late-stage development has gone overseas, but the question remains: Where are drugs invented? Using the DrugPatentWatch […]

Third Annual Scientific American Worldview: Measuring Global Biotechnology

The third issue of Scientic American’s Worldview is now available at In this latest issue I continue my comparative assessment of the biotechnology innovation environment in different countries. I also include additional highlights: Which country is home to the most drug inventors? Which country has the greatest biotechnology patenting intensity? Which country has the […]

Biotechnology Book Booksignings at BIO 2011

The following Logos Press authors will be signing books at the BIO 2011 Convention in Washington DC Monday June 27th 3:00-4:30pm Mark Ahn, Michael Alvarez, Anne York Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business Tuesday June 28th 3pm-4:30pm Yali Friedman Building Biotechnology: The definitive biotechnology industry primer […]

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