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Patent Expirations Will Stabilize the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Patent Expirations Will Stabilize the Pharmaceutical Industry.” I must believe it, because I’m quoted in the St. Louis Observer as having said it! The reporter did a good job of capturing what I meant, quoting me as saying “the industry will be more diverse, with a more stable, though smaller, revenue base spread among many […]

Pfizer's Power on Individualized Medicine

In these videos Pfizer’s Vice President and Global Head of Molecular Medicine, Aidan Power, talk about a future where everyone’s genome is sequenced and drug prescriptions are based on your genetic makeup, and argues that personalized medicine will be the defining paradigm for discovering and developing drugs of the future. To put these videos into […]

Exubera: The road to hell is paved with good intentions

I’ve been waiting to write up the Exubera story for the next edition of Building Biotechnology, and the story just keeps getting better. Exubera is was Pfizer’s innovative answer to the diabetes drug market. The market is so saturated with competitive products, that the only way to capture significant market share is to innovate. Either […]