Yearly Archives: 2004

The Drug Research War
“Mention the term ‘outsourcing,’ and drug development probably doesn’t leap to mind. But this market, which is the heart of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, is growing at a yearly clip of 15% to 20%. Right now the lion’s share of the work has gone to U.S. companies that focus on drug research for giants like Pfizer. But now, India and China are angling to get a piece. “

Financial Snapshot For March 2004: Looking Good
“It’s been a rocky first quarter for the biotech stocks � and for the markets in general. Yet, despite investors’ nervousness � about issues as diverse as the terrorist train bombing in Madrid and the departure of Mark McClellan from the FDA � the biotech sector managed to hold its own, and even out-performed the Nasdaq Composite Index.”

Can the world afford to reject GM foods?
“At a meeting in Brussels this week Dr Clive James, chair of the international service for the acquisition of agri-biotech applications (ISAAA) and a leading proponent of agricultural biotechnology for the developing world, said that global food production will need to be doubled by 2050 to meet the needs of a predicted world population of nine billion people. Biotech crops could make up the shortfall.”